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Book Creativity

Books, books, books.

Here at Rowanfield, we love books.

In the most recent post, we told you we’re having a readathon so i’m going to start interviewing people.

Let’s get started!

Myself (Ivy) “books give me nothing but joy and inspiration!”

Lucy said “I enjoy reading books it helps me feel relaxed”

Ms. Mellors “I love reading books, it’s soothing and gives me a good feeling. You also learn. The more you read, the more you learn.”

Debbie said “it’s fun to read”

Well, we’ll see you soon.


By Ivy age 8

My Readathon

Read for Good is a charity who raise money for books for children in hospital. We are raising money to give the charity money for books. If we raise money they can give the children in hospital books.

I think this is a good idea so children in hospital can read.

I have started my readathon by reading signs, books, comics and posters.

By Debbie, age 7

Rowanfield Readathon

Read for Good Logo

November is Readathon month here at Rowanfield.  We’ll be reading everything from books to newspapers to blogs to cereal packets.  It’s all in aid of a good cause – Read for Good.

Rowanfield’s Patron of Reading John Fardell is very excited to hear about the project.  He’ll be visiting us to see how we’re doing and to work with us on our own stories.  He sent us this message to say good luck:

Throughout the month we’ll be visiting bookshops and libraries, meeting authors and taking part in as many reading activities as we can.  There’ll  be prizes for the class who read the greatest range of material and for those who are ‘caught reading’ most often.  Our Book Depot is open for business and Book Buddies will be helping children choose even more stories for their personal library.  We can’t wait to get started!

Happy Reading Rowanfield!

Patron of Reading

Following on from our successful book festival in June, Rowanfield is delighted to announce that John Fardell will be joining our school as our Patron of Reading.  John will be working alongside pupils and teachers to inspire and encourage children to read for pleasure.

Cover of Book, Manfred the Baddie

To find out more about John visit The Scottish Book Trust and to find more about the Patron of Reading scheme visit their website