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Stephen Meets the Bears

Once upon a time there was one boy called Stephen.

One day he decided to walk in the forest. He heard some bears and felt scared. He ran away from the bears. The bears followed him. As he ran he hurt himself on a stick.  

He ran away home and hid under the bed. The bears were angry. They broke the door down. The bears looked almost everywhere for Stephen but, they didn’t look under the bed.
The bears walked out. They gave up and went back to the forest.
Stephen heard the bears walk out. He came out from under the bed. Stephen saw their muddy footprints and knew that they had gone out of the door.
Stephen cleaned the footprints and went to bed. He dreamed about happy bears all night.
By Stephen age 9

The Daily Mile

Recently, we learned about the one mile walk in assembly.
The One Mile Walk is to get children fit and get active. For more information visit 

I asked some Rowanfield adults and children what they thought about the Mile Walk. Here’s what they said:

Miss Thomson a teacher said, “I think it’s a good idea and a great brain break.” Mrs Hume said, “I love watching and listening to children as they walk. Pepsi wags her tail as soon as she hears the word ‘Mile Walk'”. In the Juniors, Robert thinks the Daily Mile is so much fun! In the Seniors James thinks the Daily Mile is fun and a great way to use energy. Miss Turnbull really enjoys getting a catch up and a nice chat while walking the daily mile.  

We are counting up all the miles we walk, we’d like to get to China!

By Stephen (age 9) and Ivy (age 8).

The Dream Football Match

This is us playing football.  The other guys shoot and score.  Now we shoot and score.  Now it is 1 to 1.  Zach saved the ball and scored a goal!  We are winning, those guys are losing.  Then we have three points.  These guys lost and went home.  They never came back and me and Zach were friends forever.

By Robert (age 8)

New House Captains

At Rowanfield we have 4 Houses. They are called Fir, Elm, Oak and Yew. All our houses have house captains. Recently, we had a House Huddle to decide our house captains. We had a vote. Even Juniors can be house captain!
Our new house captains are…
Oak Captain Ivy, Vice-Captain Harvey

Fir Captain William, Vice-Captain James B

Elm Captain Denim, Vice-Captain John

Yew Captain Baillie, Vice-Captain TBC 
By Ivy (age 8)

Our Favourite Things

Here at Rowanfield we love the iPads.  
They have Scribblenauts! Scribblenauts is a game. You have to spell words to solve problems.  
We use iPads to play school games. We like Google Earth.
We often use the iPads to make videos and films.
We love our iPads.

We are playing Scribblenauts

We are playing Scribblenauts

By Robert (age 8) and Zach (age 7)