The Weather

It’s time for the Juniors to start a new topic. This term we will be studying the Weather. We have collected together our ideas and made plans. We are going to make factual and pretend Weather report videos , compare Weather in Scotland and make cupcakes based on the Weather. We’re also going to draw weather, see how artists paint Weather, make a weather diary and more! We are going to have so much fun! See you soon!

By Ivy (age 9) and Miss Douglas.

Musical Visitors

For the past 6 weeks some of the seniors have been learning about different musical styles, with weekly visits from the Music Students.  They have found out about everything from rap to classical!

The class have enjoyed listening to and watching music and have even tried out different musical instruments.


A Short Story

By Harvey age 8

This is Whitney. Whitney is having a hair cut. She is having a haircut because she needed it. She chose pink because she likes that colour. She chose short because she thought it would look nice.