A Short Story

By Harvey age 8

This is Whitney. Whitney is having a hair cut. She is having a haircut because she needed it. She chose pink because she likes that colour. She chose short because she thought it would look nice.

App Review

This is a new app that we have been playing. It is called Sandbox. You pick a picture that you want and then you pick a colour and pick the wee bit you want to work on. Then you could colour the picture by tapping on the squares that have numbers in them. That lets you know what colour it will be.

These are some screen shots of me playing the game.

I like the app because you get to colour in nice pictures like unicorns. I think the app would be even better if there were more pictures.

By Debbie age 8

My Picture

This is breakfast. Sometimes we get pancakes, waffles, toast, cereal or porridge. We also get yoghurts. I like it because we can have second helpings. When I am angry they give me water and it helps me to calm down. They tell dad about my day in my book.

By Dillon, age 7