App. Review: Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

We would recommend this app because it is so fun and amazing to draw like this. Here are some of things we have drawn.

Harvey says, “This is a very good picture. It took ages to make.”

Munya took this video to show the app working, he said, “I am cool at making things like this. It is so awesome. I made it on Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad. I had to run some out to make a better one.”

I Can See a Rainbow

The Ducks class were very happy to see this big rainbow from their classroom. Zach rushed to get his iPad and managed to take this picture. We saw lots of colours: red, blue, green and purple. Ivy told us that rain and sunshine make rainbows.

Panto – What Fun!

Thursday 18th January

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for our school to watch a special performance of Cinderella at the Kings Theatre.  It was fantastic and we all laughed a lot, even the Jambo’s in the school!

Well done everyone your behaviour and manners were a real credit to yourselves and the school.

Extra lovely as we saw a few ex pupils – Stephen, Michael and Scott!


Bring on next year’s panto……