Rowanfield Book Festival

Rowanfield Book festival 2nd June 10:00-11:30

We’ve all gone book crazy here at Rowanfield in preparation for our very own Book Festival.  We’ve got two days of activities planned including house challenges, a book club cafe, and a visit from John Fardell, author of Rowanfield favourites Manfred the Baddie and The Day Louis Got Eaten.

Cover of Book, Manfred the Baddie

As part of our celebrations we will be launching Bookbuddies.  Bookbuddies is a celebration of the magic of sharing picture books with an adult.  It is all about reading books together and growing to love them.  The Bookbuddy programme will give children the chance to own their own brand new special books and to build a library of pictures books they can share and love.  We are delighted to be running this project with the support of the Carnegie Trust.

bookbuddies logo


1 thought on “Rowanfield Book Festival

  1. Stephen Boxall

    Hi Stephen b here just to say to mrs roberston can she come tomorrow or thursday or next week or month karen PS Missing you already



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