New House Captains

At Rowanfield we have 4 Houses. They are called Fir, Elm, Oak and Yew. All our houses have house captains. Recently, we had a House Huddle to decide our house captains. We had a vote. Even Juniors can be house captain!
Our new house captains are…
Oak Captain Ivy, Vice-Captain Harvey

Fir Captain William, Vice-Captain James B

Elm Captain Denim, Vice-Captain John

Yew Captain Baillie, Vice-Captain TBC 
By Ivy (age 8)

2 thoughts on “New House Captains

  1. Stephen

    Hi karen hall stephen here just to let you know that can you invite Mrs Roberston over to kaimes on thursday at 9:00 to 3:30 please


    1. SED1 Post author

      Hello Stephen,

      I hope you are well. Are you enjoying reading our news?

      I’m afraid I can’t arrange meetings but I will tell everyone that you have been reading our website.

      Miss Douglas



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