The Daily Mile

Recently, we learned about the one mile walk in assembly.
The One Mile Walk is to get children fit and get active. For more information visit 

I asked some Rowanfield adults and children what they thought about the Mile Walk. Here’s what they said:

Miss Thomson a teacher said, “I think it’s a good idea and a great brain break.” Mrs Hume said, “I love watching and listening to children as they walk. Pepsi wags her tail as soon as she hears the word ‘Mile Walk'”. In the Juniors, Robert thinks the Daily Mile is so much fun! In the Seniors James thinks the Daily Mile is fun and a great way to use energy. Miss Turnbull really enjoys getting a catch up and a nice chat while walking the daily mile.  

We are counting up all the miles we walk, we’d like to get to China!

By Stephen (age 9) and Ivy (age 8).

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