Patron of Reading visits…

Today the author John Fardell (our Patron of Reading) came into school to make up stories with some of the pupils using his well-known character Manfred the Baddie.

Chase, James, Lewis & Robert had a great time.

john F visit 3

They each worked on a story. James’s story had boys with propeller hats travelling to the moon to eat cheese! There were aliens, robots and UFO’s. Chase had made an amazing lair for Manfred with many inventions such as a secret spy hole and a place to store his loot! Lewis designed a new car for Manfred to rob a bank – it had propellers, booster rockets and many other inventions. Robert drew some fantastic illustrations for his story that involved an evil cake and a boy called Tom.

Here are some photos of their fantastic work

Thank you very much John and what marvellous inventions and stories you created boys.

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