App. Review: Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

We would recommend this app because it is so fun and amazing to draw like this. Here are some of things we have drawn.

Harvey says, “This is a very good picture. It took ages to make.”

Munya took this video to show the app working, he said, “I am cool at making things like this. It is so awesome. I made it on Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad. I had to run some out to make a better one.”

3 thoughts on “App. Review: Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

  1. stephen boxall

    Hi How are you its stephen b here just to let you know that me scott and michael might visit you to say hello if thats ok with you guys


    1. SED1 Post author

      Great to hear from you Stephen, if you would like to arrange a visit we’d love to see you. You can phone the school to make arrangements.



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