Marty the Robot

H Today, everyone here gathered together to meet, drumroll please! Marty the robot!

Marty is a companion to encourage all ages to code and program robots to create a brighter future for all. Now, we entered a contest about him, named marty’s coding dance competition!

We’re through to the next round and we’re excited to start programming him and we have received him today, we’re very lucky to have got him for free as he costs about £150.50! We have practiced coding a language called scratch and have been using an app called ” scratch jr “

We wish all schools entering great luck! Have fun! bye!

“Goodbye from Marty!”

Hey! Marty! Get back in your box! Go to bed!

10 thoughts on “Marty the Robot

    1. Stephen Boxall

      Hi Mrs hume hows tricks and yer dug hows the school daing. can me scott and michael come this friday please xxxxxxxxxxxxx


      1. Stephen Boxall

        hey guys its michael cruckshank and stephen boxall i just hope you all get a good holiday and a good summer btw this message is for all of our old friends

        hey guys its stephen and michael from last year
        i hope you have been good since iv been gone a year already omg
        anyway i hope we will see you soon and you all have a good summer

        message from stephen
        hi guys its stephen here just to let you know that me scott and michael are coming on friday 15 june maybe if we are then see you then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        message from michael
        hey its michael just to let you know i hame a youtube channel so it will be good if you went to see it
        its called super mike tv with my face on the pic
        plz sub to me

        bye bye

        from stephen and michael xxx


  1. rhume1Mrs Hume

    Fantastic work Ivy and the rest of the class – I look forward to seeing him do his stuff! I also heard you teaching a friend about coding yesterday Ivy that was so kind – what an amazing Pupil Council Member you are!

    Hi Stephen – how are you? Are you coming back to visit us soon?


    1. Stephen Boxall

      Hi Mrs hume im good thanks. Hearts are not in europe hahahahahahaha just kidding. i might come back on the 1st of june. looking forward to seeing you and mrs roberston. PS Hows pepsi. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+



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