Juniors News Roundup

It’s turning out to be a busy time in the Juniors. Not only are we learning our dance for the Special School Dance festival, we are also going swimming every Monday. Our topic of Ancient Civilisations is very popular and we’re excited to find out more about Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome although we’re not very sure if we’d like to live there!

Ronald has been enjoying swimming and horse riding, “in my first lesson I knew how to trot. Not straight away but by the end I was doing rising trot. I am looking forward to more lessons. I love horses. There is even a horse that looks like a unicorn.”

Debbie is enjoying everything this term. She has already learned the arm movements for dance and is doing well in swimming. Her class, The Otters are making soup each week to eat after they have been to the pool.

2 thoughts on “Juniors News Roundup

    1. rhume1

      hi Stephen – sorry I had forgotten my password!
      I have emailed Mr Fox to find out what is happening but havent heard anything back. I hope to see you tomorrow x



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