Mythical Monsters

The Juniors have been learning about ancient civilisations. Miss Douglas’s class were inspired by the film Percy Jackson to study Ancient Greece. They have been particularly interested in mythical creatures and have used what they have found out to write some poems.

He is the Minotaur by Dillon M

He is the Minotaur

He is a beast who is kept in a labyrinth dungeon.

King Minos keeps him and feeds him human flesh.

He uses his horns to destroy his enemies.

He is always angry.

He has red eyes and a ring in his nostrils.

He wears armour.

He is scary.

Theseus slays him with a sword.

The Minotaur by Robert G

He is a big, big creature

He is fast

He is bad

He hates red

He is terrifying

He is half man half bull

He is the Minotaur

Medusa By John D

Her hair is snakes

She is scary

She turns people to stone

She is naughty

She is mean

She is a bad person

She is ugly

She is Medusa

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