Rust the Viking Ender

This term the Senior Team have been learning about Vikings. This story tells the saga of the infamous Rust the Viking Ender.

Rust the Viking Ender

By Tyler, Age 9 3/4

Chapter One

Hello, I am Rust I am 10 years old, I live on the Island of Stone, it has a volcano.  I live with my pet lizard called Dude, the island is 2000 feet tall, there are stairs that go all the way up to the top.  It takes a whole day to climb them. 

I am not a normal kid.  I like meat but don’t like happy stuff and like unhappy stuff and bad stuff.  Perhaps you could describe me as dark, hateful and strong. Like a lot of other children I used to know around here when I grow up I want to be a warrior.

I want to tell you about the best day of my life so far.

The year is 1000. There is a feeling of death on my island.  For days the lightening has flashed across the sky and terrible shots of thunder have shook the ground.  There have been storms at sea and fierce winds have blown my hut down.  Dude is acting up, so I know something is wrong.

That evening the storm was raging more powerfully than ever before, I looked over the sea and I saw Vikings – lots of them. I knew it would take one day to climb up.

Chapter Two

I had time the get geared up. I went to my deserted hut and found a 5 feet long sword I got my spare diamond armour.

I was ready to battle.                                

Chapter Three

The Vikings were on my island. I hunted them down 10 by 10. Eventually there were 5 left. I made a noise to get 4 of them over to the bushes. I killed them, their skulls are my ornaments.

I showed myself to the last Viking.

Chapter Four

There was a moment of silence.

We had blood all over us from our previous battles.     BOOM I jumped on his back and slit his throat. His blood was everywhere.

Chapter Five

After that blood spilling battle I did a deep clean on MY island I called my self, Rust The Viking Ender.

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