The Viking Invasion

Alex gives a realistic account of how the people of Lindisfarne may have felt when the Vikings invaded over 1000 years ago.

Hello, I am Domono I am 6 years old.  I live on the island of Lindisfarne with a dog called Dare.  I am a fairly normal kid.  I like people that are strong and fierce and don’t like people that are loud and weak.  Perhaps you could describe me as a very different kind of person.  Like a lot of other children round here, when I grow up I want to be a warrior with a massive axe so that I can cut the heads off the invaders.

I want to tell you about the worst day of my life so far.

The year is 793.  There is a feeling of foreboding in my village.  For days the lightening has lit up the sky.  Across the island terrible thrashes of thunder have shook the ground.  There have been colossal storms at sea and shivering winds have blown huts down.  People have even said they have seen mad dragons flying in the air.

That evening the storm was raging more electrically than ever before.  I looked across the ocean and saw a vast fierce ice breathing dragon rushing across the sea. Siting on top there was a mob of infuriated Vikings.  I could hear it roaring and groaning as it was whooshing around the island.  I began to feel petrified. I have seen this in the bible. I imagined the dragon zipping down and lifting my hut when I was in it.   

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